Early Sportsters & K-models from the far east

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Early Sportsters & K-models from the far east
The beautiful hardcover book published by Sporty Garage for his shop 10th anniversary. You can see 35 of beautiful vintage Sportsters. Every one of each Sportsters are customized by Hiro Yokotsuka / Sporty Garage for the people who love to ride vintage Sportsters in the far east island Japan.

If you like “This is Sportster, Not BigTwin” attitude, this is the right book for you!
Limited to 500 copies……get yours today…..before it runs out….

Yes, we do ship worldwide!
Book + Sticker: $135.00 (Shipping and Handling included)

Book size: 305mm x 250mm / Weight: g / # of Pages: 160 / Printed in Japan / Photographer: Gorta Yuuki / Art Director: KoME inc / Designer: chorus / Creative Director: Shinji Watanabe / Special thanks to Yohei Tani, Katsuharu Oyamada

About Sporty Garage in Tokyo Japan……The one and only vintage motorcycle shop who specialized in early Sportster & K-models. The owner, Hiro YOKOTSKA was born and raised in Tokyo. He loves vintage American stuff not only motorcycles but also music and clothing. He has been on Sportster fever since 1980 and he started working on his ride (yes, it’s sportster) in his garage by himself. He drove “hand tools” van in day time and spent night time in his garage. He brought his sporty to the states and enjoy riding to Sturgis, SD with his younger brother Katsu back in 1990. In the late 90s, he found the position at H-D dealer in Tokyo. Year of 2009, he finally opened his shop Sporty Garage for the people who love vintage sportsters and K-models.


スポーティーガレージ 店舗ご案内


OPEN: 10:00 
CLOSE: 19:00 (定休日: 毎週土曜日、第二金曜日)
〒143-0027 大田区中馬込1-1-2
Tel/Fax: 03-3778-6332
E-mail: sportygarage@watch.ocn.ne.jp
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